Automation plants for:referenz-tva-zittau-bhkwA Wood-Incineration Power Plant in Saxony - heating equipment

  •  District heating distribution
    • automation of district heating grids
    • heat storage/cold storage
    • centralised and decentralised pressure maintenance at district heating grids
    • secondary network converter substations with pressure maintenance
    • admixing stations with telecontrol connection to centralised I&C
    • emergency slide controls with remote triggering
    • Spectrum C
  • Energy distribution
    • remote connection transformer substations, transformer stations to centralised I&C (e.g. IDS)
    • delivery of SIACON installationsA local energy supplier - Remotecontrol-Master for Energy Distribution by Heros
    • switching/protection/control of low and medium voltage ring-connected systems
  • Hydroelectric installations
  • Backup network plants
  • Biogas plants
    • 250 kW - 10 MW
    • wet fermentation/dry fermentation/percolation
  • Redundant USV-systems for I&C
    • backup of redundant server systems by redundant power supply modules and USV plants

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